10 superheroes who have been able to lift Thor’s hammer

Thor He is not the only character in Marvel who has managed to use the Mjölnir, that hammer that was given to him thanks to his father Odin, as a source of many powers. Thanks to him, Thor is able to summon lightning, teleport, and fly. Make it the God of Thunder, but there have been many lucky ones who have been able to lift it, do you want to know who?

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Here we share a complete list of characters, who at some point managed to overcome Odin’s enchantment towards the hammer, who said that: “Only he who is worthy can lift the hammer and obtain the power of Thor”. They are mostly epic moments from the comics, which could soon appear on the big screen.

10 Marvel superheroes who have been able to lift Thor’s hammer

1. Captain Marvel

In addition to her unique superpowers and abilities, Captain Marvel managed to wield the mighty hammer while fighting the leader. kree, Vox Supreme. This is because Carol was sprayed with chemicals, which had DNA from the main Avengers, one of them being Thor.

Captain Marvel and Thor same suits

2. Captain America

Captain America proved himself worthy of the Mjölnir on many occasions thanks to his values ​​and feelings towards the nation. Proof of this was in the last battle of Avengers: Endgame, where Steve surprisingly takes the hammer and confronts Thanos, in one of the most exciting scenes in the entire saga.

Captain America Avengers Endgame hammer Thor

3. Hulk

In both the comics and the movies, the Hulk repeatedly tried to lift the hammer to no avail. It was until his confrontation with El Zodiaco, in the comics, that the green superhero manages to lift him up. However, at this time he was hypnotized, turning his bad side and it is only a few seconds in which he manages to wield the hammer to defeat Thor, who tried to control him.

Bad hulk, hammer, marvel comics

4. Vision

Considered a noble and worthy hero, Vision has no difficulty using the Mjölnir. In fact, in Avengers: Age of UltronWhen the team first meets the superhero and they get ready to face Ultron, Vision does not hesitate to hand the hammer to Thor without any difficulty lifting it.

Avengers: Age of Ultron Vision

5. Jane Foster / Thor

In the comics, when Thor is deemed unworthy of using the Mjölnir, power is transferred to his former girlfriend, Jane Foster, who is tasked with defending Asgard. We will be able to see the latter very soon in Thor Love and Thunder, the next superhero movie, belonging to Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jane Foster, new Thor, comics

6. Loki

The God of Deception managed to lift the hammer on more than one occasion thanks to a type of magic or mystical illusion. On the other hand, in the comics, there is a moment when the bad guys turn good and the good guys turn into villains; It is here that Loki becomes worthy to lift his brother’s hammer.

Loki Mjölnir magic

7. Magneto

Besides Loki, Magneto is another Marvel villain who managed to lift the hammer. This happens thanks to his super power to control metal. Considering that the Mjölnir is composed of this material, Magneto achieved some control over it or the air around him.

Magneto if he can lift Thor's hammer super power

8. Silver Surfer

Also known as Norrin Rad, Silver Surfer is worthy of lifting the hammer upon Thor’s death within the comics, making him the new Thor, defender of Earth.

Silver Surfer will be the new Thor when he dies

9. Odin

Odin is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel, who imposed the enchantment on the hammer and gave the powers to his son, for that reason it is possible that he also has control over the Mjölnir like Thor.

Anthony Hopkins Odin

10. Deadpool

In this list could not miss Deadpool who, although it is difficult to believe, managed to lift the hammer thanks to the deceptions of Loki. It all happened in the comics, when Loki creates a fake Mjölnir and makes Deadpool believe he is the original. Can you imagine the mischief the mercenary did with the hammer?

Deadpool hammer Loki

Superheroes from other universes who have raised the Mjölnir

1. Wonder Woman

In addition to Marvel superheroes, there are characters from other universes who once mingled between the comics and managed to lift the hammer. One of them is Wonder Woman, who is considered worthy and uses Mjölnir to fight the God of Thunder.

Wonder Woman is the most noble and courageous character in DC, so it was obvious that she would be considered worthy of the hammer.

Wonder Woman lifts Thor's hammer.  Avengers vs Justice League

2. Superman

Under the parameters of Odin, Superman is also considered worthy to use the hammer and obtain the power of Thor. The last son of Krypton did it in a special edition comic of Avengers and The Justice League.

Superman, Thor hammer, Captain America shield

3. Goku

Many fans have concluded that Goku is worthy to lift the hammer, as he possesses super strength and one of the noblest hearts in the entire world. Always looking for the good, with good feelings and willing to sacrifice for others.

Goku has never been seen to lift the Mjölnir, but it is clear that, belonging to the Marvel world, he would be worthy as Thor, Vision, Odin or Silver Surfer.

Goku boy five star dragon ball

Although there are many characters who have been able to make use of Thor’s hammer, the truth is that the accessory does not fit anyone better than Chris Hemsworth himself. Movies like Thor, Avengers, Thor Ragnarok Y Avengers: Infinity War, are proof of this, which you can enjoy through Disney +, an additional service that you can add to your Current Telcel Plan and enjoy the best content on the platform. #All in the same place

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Now tell us, do you think you are worthy of Thor’s power? 😱

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