10 curious facts about The Grinch, 20 years after its premiere!

Christmas is not the same without enjoying at least once The Grinch; a classic starring Jim Carrey, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. This film was the first adaptation of the writer’s Christmas tale Dr seuss and he introduced us for the first time on screen to the friendly green monster who hates Christmas and tries to avoid it at all costs.

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Later came the animated version of The Grinch, where Benedict Cumberbatch voiced the character; based on the incredible performance of Jim Carrey in 2000. Which you can enjoy in purchase through Clear video, or for purchase or rent The Grinch original because you still #TienesMuchoQueVer.

But today we are here to honor the first with 10 curious facts 20 years after its premiere that will make you love the Grinch even more; a movie that cannot be missed this Christmas season.

1. The Grinch wasn’t originally green

The original Dr. Seuss tale always showed the Grinch in white with red and pink spots; giving it the green tone was the film’s contribution. A decision that lasted and gave the character more personality.

The Grinch original tale in black and white

2. Anthony Hopkins is the narrator

In the original version of the film, the one who tells the origin of the Grinch and the inhabitants of Villaquien is none other than Anthony Hopkins; who took only one day to record his part.

Anthony Hopkins narrator

3. Hours and hours of makeup

Just to portray Jim Carrey as the Grinch, the actor had to spend 2 hours and 15 minutes in makeup and costumes; while to take it off he had to invest another hour.

Oscar Award for Best Movie Makeup

4. Oscar Award Winner

All of the aforementioned makeup effort earned The Grinch the Oscar Award for Best Makeup. And is that after The Wizard of Oz, The Grinch has the largest number of characters characterized in the same film set.

Oscar winner

5. Blockbuster Movie of the Year

The Grinch managed to gross 345 million dollars worldwide, ranking as one of the 10 highest grossing films of the year 2000.

Cindy lou movie girl

6. Max, the Grinch’s puppy

Actually Max was a trained dog named Kelly, who was rescued from a shelter. It took 15 weeks of training to bring Max to life and had six extra puppies for the scenes.

Max Christmas reindeer dog The Grinch

7. Jim Carrey wasn’t the only option

Despite Jim Carrey’s exceptional performance, the production had other actor proposals for the role of the Grinch. Eddie Murphy and Jack Nicholson were some of them. However, Carrey proved to have everything for the character, for example, the scene of “6:30 have dinner with me, I will not cancel it”, was totally improvised.

Best scenes from The Grinch

8. Cindy Lou Who appeared on Gossip Girl

The tender Cindy Lou, who becomes friends with the Grinch and teaches Villaquien the power of love at Christmas, later starred in Gossip girl in the role of Jenny Humphrey. Today she is best known for being a rock star and lead singer of The Pretty Recless.

Taylor Momsen Gossip Girl

9. A reference to Bigfoot

The photograph of the Grinch that appears in Villaquien’s newspaper is a reference to the supposed and famous photograph taken of Bigfoot in real life.

Reference to Bigfoot newspaper

10. Breaking the fourth wall

If you thought Deadpool was the only fantasy character with the ability to speak to the public, you were sorely mistaken. The Grinch does this on several occasions and also interacts with the narrator.

Funny scenes The Grinch

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You probably didn’t know everything about your favorite Christmas movie; but now you’re more than ready to enjoy one more time The Grinch this Christmas and pay attention to all the details that we share here. What was the curious fact that surprised you the most?

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